I’ve Got 75 Followers!

I’ve officially gone diamond!

Wow, I never thought that I’d ever make it to 75 followers; but it seems that I have! I’ve made posts when I got to 25 followers and 50 followers thanking and recognizing each one of them. So I shall do the same and continue from #51! Again, thanks to all of you who make my blog feel loved!

51) Orsie: A fellow lover of Disney as well as Marvel

52) amberskyef: The Dancing Writer (she’s both a dancer and a writer)

53) Aakanksha Monga: A self-named cinema fanatic, for both American and Hindi films

54) theanimationfiles: A fellow animation lover who’s currently working on his own animated feature

55) plurrocket: A fellow blogger who composes random posts

56) candyzoccoli: A fellow “WordPress-er” who doesn’t appear to have a blog at the moment

57) Danny Animation: A filmmaker and animator residing in Washington

58) Natasha Harmer: A fellow lover of films as well as a producer

59) schorring: A teenage blogger blogging about teenage life

60) DMS/Talking Classics: A lover of classic cinema

61) futureimagineer: A young lover of Disney who aspires to be an Imagineer

62) eimzpink: “A haven of procrastination and self disillusionment, mixed in with unicorns and happiness”

63) Ky Grabowski: An experienced writer, photographer, editor, and blogger

64) Mouse Host: A fellow lover of Disney with a penchant for Walt Disney World

65) annaolson2013: A movie reviewer who reviews period pieces

66) WinJBetts: A movie reviewer whose apparently defunct blog claims to be recommended by “4 out of 5 dentists”

67) disneyfairytalefiles: An avid Disney fan whose blog is “for all things Disney”

68) ironman306: A blogger with a penchant for “Harlem Shake” videos

69) modeejae: “Random Thoughts of a grilled cheese sandwich, only different”

70) Justin Sargeant: A Christian blogger with love for God and literature

71) jlwalser: A fellow Disney lover who’s spending 2013 watching each of the 52 animated Disney Canon films and reviewing them afterwards

72) Glenn Folkes: Blogger with a money-making plan

73) kendalllacey: “Poems, Reviews, Music, Movies, Magic”

74) jdj988…: My first follower by email

75) Jordan Latour: A blogger with a blog of blogging tips

Once again, thanks to all of you as well as all to my previous followers! Applause, people, applause!


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