“Frozen” Heats Up Box Office With $93 Million Weekend Debut

disney frozen

Disney’s much-anticipated and critically acclaimed entry in its animated Canon, “Frozen”, has proven that it DOES have the potential to be a modern classic. Opening in the 2nd place slot of the U.S./Canada box office, “Frozen” amassed a whopper $93 million, breaking the record for biggest Thanksgiving weekend debut!

Have you seen it? If so, what did you think? Do you agree with the statement that it’s this generation’s “Beauty and the Beast”? If you haven’t seen it, do you plan on seeing it and when?

I haven’t seen it yet, but I do really want to see it soon.

23 thoughts on ““Frozen” Heats Up Box Office With $93 Million Weekend Debut”

  1. Saw it, LOVED IT. I was so surprised – I wasn’t a huge fan of Tangled and figured I was in for the same kind of thing…but the story was incredibly original, the cheesy pop culture references were down to a minimum, and the music is FANTASTIC. I left the theatre humming a tune…can’t remember the last time that happened! It’s been about a decade since Wicked hit Broadway, and Idina Menzel’s voice STILL gives me chills.

    In short, any Broadway musical fanatic NEEDS to see this movie. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Beauty and the Beast, but it’s definitely a throwback to the Disney musical of the 1990s…it’s going to be a classic 🙂

    1. That there are next to no pop culture references is no surprise to me…Disney hasn’t done those since Hercules (even though they invented the approach themselves with Aladdin).

  2. I haven’t seen it yet, but I will as soon as possible. But I am so glad that it gets good reviews. Leave it to Disney to rescue Animation – this year was really disappointing, but at least it ends on a high note,

      1. Awwww…I love Wreck-it Ralph.

        Frozen has been released, but I first need to find a date to watch it…I had a lot of stress the last weeks, first the phone line went down for a week and the internet connection was wonky (which was a huge problem), then the exhaust pipe of my car decided that it didn’t fell that attached any longer, add to this everything one has to prepare for Christmas – I hope I can do the visit to the Christmas market and the theatres in one go in the next two weeks. Otherwise, I’ll most likely go shortly before New Year.

    1. I am glad that the reviews are better than the other films of this year, but I still have some worries. I am trying to watch it online, but viooz does not have it up yet. Fanpop are still going crazy over there and I think some are getting delusional about it.

  3. That is great…….still not gonna pay theatres to watch it. I am extremely frugal, and finding it online is a real challenge. Have to constantly find sites that don`t have those marketing surveys, and all of that junk. I still have my worries about the film, since people tend to overrate and underrate films. My Puss in Boots review should be up soon.

      1. Yay to us frugals (high five). I am so peeved that Blockbuster and those rent a movie places closed in Canada about 2 years ago. You are really fortunate.

  4. Apparently my brother is taking my daughter and I to see this tonight in celebration of our birthdays. Hers is today and mine is tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I think!

  5. I haven’t seen this, but I plan to see it! I was too busy over Thanksgiving. I’ve been looking forward to this, because I loved the trailer. I also love a winter story like “The Snow Queen.”

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