“The Nut Job” Finishes In 3rd…Aw, Nuts!


The first animated film of the year, “The Nut Job”, landed 3rd place in the US/Canada weekend box office. Grossing over $2o million, the film has been getting negative reviews, but may yet pass its budget of $42 million (I hope it doesn’t).

Have you seen this? If so, how was it? If not, do you plan on seeing this?

I’ll watch this when it comes to DVD, but I’m REALLY not looking forward to it!

12 thoughts on ““The Nut Job” Finishes In 3rd…Aw, Nuts!”

  1. I predict that it will make it’s budget back. It might make $300 million. I am gonna review it on my blog, so I will watch it. Looks dumb, and critics say it is dumb, so not looking forward to it.

    1. Yeah, I feel we animation addicts feel we have a duty to watch every single animated film that is released, so we just put on a stiff upper lip and bear with it.

      But if the film is so bad, it’s enjoyable, that helps a lot!

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