First Trailer For ‘Big Hero 6’


What do you all think? I know that it’s still somewhat of a teaser, but I absolutely LOVE it! I LOVE Baymax’s voice and his sense of humor! I LOVE the colors/animation/design of the world they live in! And I LOVE the absolutely terrifying villain who looks like a mix between Bane and the Phantom of the Opera!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “First Trailer For ‘Big Hero 6’”

  1. lol! I love the slightly gritty look of the city, I love the voice of the main character (don’t tell me who it is…I never want to know before watching the first time), and the mimic…and this is hilarious! Can’t wait!

    1. And I have to add: I was originally not sure when I decided to call this the Disney Rococo…but do you see all the details in the back? The wood structure of the door and the old shelf, all those notes, the different wall papers and structures…they went all out on this one again. I bet there are a lot of hidden jokes in the movie.

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