The 87th Academy Awards Considers 20 Films For ‘Best Animated Feature’ Nominations!


So, the Academy has announced that 20 films are qualified as contenders to be nominated for the Best Animated Feature Academy Award in the upcoming 87th Academy Awards ceremony. Due to there being 20, 5 of these films will actually make the nominations list. Which 5 do you think should make the list?

Big Hero 6

The Book of Life

The Boxtrolls


Giovanni’s Island

Henry and Me

The Hero of Color City

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

The LEGO Movie

Minuscule – Valley of the Lost Ants

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Penguins of Madagascar

The Pirate Fairy

Planes: Fire and Rescue

Rio 2

Rocks in My Pockets

Song of the Sea

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

My picks are Big Hero 6, The LEGO Movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart, and Song of the Sea.

20 thoughts on “The 87th Academy Awards Considers 20 Films For ‘Best Animated Feature’ Nominations!”

  1. Tough one. Ones I’m confident on is Lego, Big Hero 6, and HTTYD 2. Then Boxtrolls and Mr. Peabody and Sherman? Book of life? Haven’t even heard of a lot of them.

    1. Yeah, those 3 are my confident ones to. I recommend looking at the trailers of all the films, even the ones that aren’t quite famous.

      ‘Rocks in my Pockets’ is like one of the freakiest-looking animated films from the trailer, lol.

  2. How to Train Your Dragon along with The LEGO Movie good chance and Big Hero Six if it has good reviews. They might also put in The Boxtrolls.

      1. I really hope the Lego movie does not win. It did not really add anything new, and was an overly generic film, though it had its good moments.

      2. It is good, but I just think they should have given the characters more depth. He is generic./and he is fine with being generic instead of going through some actual growth? It was just a bit hallow to me.

  3. Wow, I am really late to this. Haven’t been on WordPress in a few days (thanks school).

    Well, I agree with everyone else. I don’t now about the foreign films, but I agree with the top three. This year was definitely a mixed bag when it comes to animated films. There is a lot that were good, and a lot that were bad.

  4. I haven’t seen many of these, but I’d root for Big Hero 6 (based off what I’ve heard about it), The Lego Movie, and How To Train Your Dragon 2.

  5. My picks:

    I am confident that it will be Big Hero 6, How to Train your Dragon 2, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

    Rounding out the five nominations will likely be the Lego Movie and either the Boxtrolls or Book of Life.

    Judging by the early reviews, The winner is probably going to be The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Especially considering they shafted Mr. Miyazaki last year.

    1. Update to my prediction: I hadn’t realized that “Song of the Sea” is made by the same team that did “The Secret of Kells.” I’m amending my prediction to include Song of the Sea based on that fact alone.

  6. Now I have seen all but 5. Will try to find those 5 and post my ranking but just saw Song of the Sea- blown away. Only 2 on list I actively didn’t like which we’ve discussed.

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