Pixar-Forgotten/Minor Characters #7: Chuck and His Team


Pixar’s Cars franchise is considered to be the worst amongst Pixar’s films. And I kinda have to agree with that statement, but it’s no way to say that I don’t like the movies. They’re not bad movies; they’re just the least best of Pixar’s bunch.

So for those who don’t know, Cars is about a racecar named Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, who’s the typical cocky, successful character. Racing and winning are the only things important to him and this reflects how arrogantly he behaves and acts towards and around other people cars.

"Just smile at the dirty, stinky hoi polloi, and maybe they'll go away!"
“Just smile at the dirty, stinky hoi polloi, and maybe they’ll go away!”

When traveling to a big race in California one night, he loses his way and accidentally causes road damage in a small country-like town called Radiator Springs. He’s sentenced by the judge of the town, Doc Hudson, voiced by Paul Newman, to stay and fix the road.

I guess the name 'Doc TheHustlerson' would just sound ridiculous.
I guess the name ‘Doc TheHustlerson’ would just sound ridiculous.

Lightning McQueen is angry at first, but as time passes, he soon begins to understand friendship, kindness, and all the other important things in life. In the end, he becomes a changed person car.

"Smile at the lovely, amazing people cars like myself, and everything will be fine!"
“Just smile at the lovely, amazing people cars like myself, and everything will be fine!”

As you can see, it’s a basic story that we’ve seen time and time again…this time, with cars.

So, where does our forgotten/minor character come in? Well, in the beginning of the movie when Lightning McQueen is still arrogant, he treats his pit crew badly and even proclaims that he doesn’t need them. This infuriates the team, led by a car whom Lightning McQueen calls Chuck (but that’s not his real name), and they quit.

"I'm not really a car! I'm a VEHICLE!"
“I’m not really a car! I’m a VEHICLE!”

Now, in the end of the movie after Lightning McQueen gets a change of heart, he makes amends with all the people cars in his life that he’s treated badly. He behaves kinder and nicer to other cars and even allows some of the cars from Radiator Springs to be his new pit crew. But, what about Chuck and his team? Lightning McQueen doesn’t once mention them much less do anything to make up for the way he treated them. Heck, we don’t even see these characters again for the rest of the movie. One wonders how they feel when watching the races and seeing the change in Lightning McQueen. I’m guessing they’re either like

"Son of a BMW didn't even apologize! Celebrities don't really care about anyone or anything!"
“Son of a BMW didn’t even apologize! Celebrities don’t really care about anyone or anything!”

or like

"Yeah, right, he's totally changed...and I'm Jack Benny's Maxwell!"
“Yeah, right, he’s totally changed…and I’m Jack Benny’s Maxwell!”

One just doesn’t know. If Lightning McQueen forgot about these characters, we shouldn’t, hence I’m commemorating them as the forgotten/minor characters of this film!

"What kind of a compliment is that? It's like you're saying the only reason I'm being commemorated is because I'm forgotten by the protagonist! Whose side are you on, anyway?"
“What kind of a compliment is that? It’s like you’re saying the only reason I’m being commemorated is because I’m forgotten by the protagonist! Whose side are you on, anyway?”

10 thoughts on “Pixar-Forgotten/Minor Characters #7: Chuck and His Team”

  1. Haha, love this, Mark! Hilarious. That’s really interesting. I totally forgot about this character!

    BTW, I totally loved the first film Cars, and I’m not sure why it was regarded as one of the “worst.” Then again, I haven’t seen all the Pixar films, so what can I say. I never saw the second, but I heard it wasn’t as good.

  2. “We Quit, Mr. One Man Show!”. Poor pit crew, Lightning was a bit of a git.

    Great write up. I’m not keen on Cars myself (and even less keen on its sequel), although it’s not so bad, just, you know as compared Pixar films it falls short.

    It always stuck me that those forklift vehicles should really be in control, given that they are the only things in the film’s universe that have things approximating arms/hands.

  3. In the credits, he’s actually listed as “Not-Chuck”!
    I like this movie, but I’d have to agree with the general consensus that it’s one of Pixar’s weaker movies. The story and characters aren’t the worst, but their just not the most compelling that Pixar has conceived. “Cars 2” is worse, though…

    1. Lol@”Not-Chuck”! I mean, what better way to credit him.

      Yeah, I agree with the consensus as well, although I still really enjoy it. Well, this film, at least. ‘Cars 2’ was so forgettable that I even forget how I felt about it.

  4. I just watched it and I think when he decides to stay with Rusteez instead of going to Dino-Corp that was the movies way of saying he would make everything right with the old team who first gave him a break.

    I have to say this watch-through I found it slower than I remember it. It’s really long. Still good and weird which I always like but it’s nearly 2 hours long which is pushing it.

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