Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #53: The Bishop of Arendelle


Well, it’s been long enough since the movie’s come out that I feel I should do a Forgotten/Minor Characters post on Disney’s 53rd animated feature, Frozen. For a brief summary of the movie (for like the 2 of you who haven’t seen it) and my thoughts of it, check out my review here.

So I’ll just jump into my forgotten/minor character for this film: The Bishop of Arendelle. He’s definitely a minor character in the film and only appears during Elsa’s coronation ceremony.

"I pronounce you: QUEEN ELSA! Your turn! Try to pronounce my name!"
“I pronounce you: QUEEN ELSA! Your turn! Try to pronounce my name!”

But, my question is, why doesn’t he appear anywhere else? When Elsa runs away, Anna sets off to find her and the kingdom is left in the hands of…Hans.

See what I did there?
See what I did there?

During this wintery dilemma, the people are trying their best to deal with the cold and Hans is trying his best (cough…cough) to take care of the people. Now, I would think that during this time of difficulty, the citizens of Arendelle would turn to the Bishop for spiritual uplifting.

I mean, when you start fighting over which side to stack logs on, I'd say you don't need to read Dr. Seuss' 'The Butter Battle Book' to know that something's wrong with you.
I mean, when you start fighting over which side to stack logs on, I’d say you don’t need to read Dr. Seuss’ The Butter Battle Book to know that something’s wrong with you.

Arendelle seems to be a nation that honors its Church and I just don’t get why the Bishop isn’t around more in the film! Where is he? Maybe he’s busy doing what he can to help the people that he has no time for camera appearances.

"Whom do you think I am after all? An actor in a film?"
“Whom do you think I am after all? An actor in a film?”

Maybe he’s pulled a Merlin and blew his way to Bermuda to avoid the cold.


Or maybe I’m just looking too deeply into this.

"Yes, you are! Again whom do you think I am? A character in a film that you can just talk about however you like?"
“Yes, you are! Again whom do you think I am? A character in a film that you can just talk about however you like?”

In the end, choosing a forgotten/minor character from a film as popular as Frozen, proved to be quite a task. Hence, I had to choose the Bishop for this position. And it’s good because now our other forgotten/minor character priest won’t be lonely.

"You've got that right! Now, wherever we go, whatever we do, we're gonna go through it together!"
“You’ve got that right! Now, wherever we go, whatever we do, we’re gonna go through it together!”
(Sigh) "Lord, help me!"
(Sigh) “Lord, help me!”

11 thoughts on “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #53: The Bishop of Arendelle”

  1. Fun! Totally forgot about him which makes him a good forgotten character. I love Frozen and have gotten somewhat defensive of it as people are very unfair at what is a quality movie that took some chances and entertained a lot of people. Is it perfect? No but I find it very satisfying and rewatchable. I love the music and the relationship between the sisters. I have 3 sisters and one that is an introvert and I can never quite figure out so I related to Anna and Elsa’s struggles. I thought the villain twist was clever and surprised me and I always like stories about people uncomfortable in their own skin, that feel the world isn’t quite made for them. I guess I relate to that struggle of finding your spot in the world.

    I feel like people like to hate on things that are popular and that makes me sad especially when it is something that makes little girls so happy. In the words of Elsa- let it go!

      1. Nothing wrong with that. I dont love wreck it ralph but I like it and totally respect and see why some people love it. To me that’s a mature way to handle things

  2. Well said. I would classify myself honestly as an introvert people have had difficulty figuring out (though all you really need to do is try to act interested in getting to know me) and there are times I have been uncomfortable in my own skin and felt the world isn’t quite made for me.

    I was offended by Doug Walker’s Disneycember review of Frozen because he appeared very ignorant about introverts, in fact, confusing them with being anti-social and basically telling them they needed to conform to societal expectations “in order to survive”. Anna is anti-social and an introvert, true, but the anti-social qualities are mostly just a result of her being encouraged to lie about herself and hide her powers all her life. The introversion seems to be a natural part of herself, just made very extreme by her years of alienation.

    And I forgot about the Bishop entirely, too, so I have to agree he is a very good choice. Looking forward to your Big Hero 6 post!

    P.S. Sadly, I was spoiled for the Hans twist.

    1. I myself am a bit of an introvert, so I know what you mean. I think you meant to say “Elsa” instead of “Anna”.

      And don’t worry, I too was spoiled for the Hans twist when going to see this movie 😦 . I also was spoiled for the BH6 twist when going to see that as well 😦 ! Why can’t I stay away from spoilers?!

      Once the DVD comes out, I’ll post my review for BH6 and then some time after (could be months), I’ll do the Forgotten/Minor Characters post for it. (It has to be a while after, so I could actually forget about the character 😉 ).

  3. I watched Frozen about a week ago and I don’t remember who the Bishop of Arendelle was.

    I can relate to you completely in that I always end up spoiled for whatever I happen to be reading. Big Hero 6 is one of the rare things I was not spoiled for at all. I’m reading The Book Thief right now and reviewing it on my blog and it’s interesting because the author deliberately spoils future things that will happen in the book throughout.

    If you want my position on Big Hero 6, Smilingldsgirl and I are basically reversed on it and Wreck-It Ralph. I love Wreck-It Ralph and I think Big Hero 6 was good, but nothing exceptional outside of one character.

    Oh, and yeah, I don’t know how I ended up putting Anna’s name there.

  4. All right, I was spoiled that someone would die, I just didn’t know who. It doesn’t matter though because when he did die, it didn’t have much impact on me since I just kept wondering if he was going to come back anyway.

  5. I like that character, and I actually do remember him. I think that there are hundreds of things which do not make sense in Frozen, and this is just one of them. It is as though the production was so deep into the main characters and the ending, that they forgot everything else.

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