‘Frozen 2’ Confirmed!

disney frozen

In what comes as no surprise to anyone, Disney has officially announced that they’re developing a sequel to their billion-dollar film, Frozen. The original team is set to develop the sequel. For more information, check out the Variety article here.

I personally am not excited about this. I feel Frozen should remain its own movie and not have a sequel, much less a sequel in the official Canon. But, the original movie was a huge success, so there’s no reason why this film will become a flop for Disney.

Are you all excited for this? Let me know in the comments below!

33 thoughts on “‘Frozen 2’ Confirmed!”

  1. Not surprised by the news, but not too excited either. The bright side that I potentially see though is maybe they’ll create a better villain for the sequel lol!

  2. I agree – it would be like making a sequel to…I was going to say Beauty and the Beast, but then I remembered there was another movie made. I felt that way about Pirates of the Caribbean, too. It wasn’t that I loathed everything about the sequels so much as the first one works better as a stand-alone film. I always felt sad that that couldn’t just be the happy ending for everyone.

  3. Not interested at all… In fact, I think the sequel should be direct-to-DVD. I’d rather they spend more time on a Broadway adaptation of Frozen, but I am saying this because I am a musical theatre fan.

  4. So there is the reported Wreck-it Ralph sequel, Toy Story 4, Finding Dory, and now this? While I dont like the idea at the moment, I know I will watch it.

  5. I’m actually very disappointed at this.

    Call me a whiner, but I’m Asian and I was really looking forward to see where BH6 would go. When I heard that it was doing very well financially, I really hoped that they would concentrate on it more so that the Japanese culture could be represented.

    But now, it seems like they’re focusing on a mediocre movie more. I’m disappointed. If only Moana would do even better…*sighs*

      1. You are right, I don’t think they would leave a film than won an Oscar alone. Some of my friends in the US say that BH6 merch is very scarce where in they live though 😦 Let’s just hope.

  6. Ha, your first sentence is exactly what I posted on my facebook when I heard – “in a surprise to no one…” Personally, I’m not totally against sequels but I am in the case of this, simply because I’m positive they decided to make the sequel before coming up with an idea – rather than having a good idea for a sequel and then deciding to do it. It’s driven by money rather than creativity.

    I’m guessing it would be a theatrically animated release rather than direct to DVD. The only time I remember it being done before is the Rescuers, is that correct? (not counting Pixar). And actually the Rescuers Down Under was pretty decent in my mind, so maybe there’s hope. All those direct video sequels were just awful though.

    1. Yeah, the only Disney Canon sequels so far are The Rescuers Down Under and Fantasia 2000. Some people consider The Three Caballeros as a “sequel” to Saludos Amigos and some consider Winnie the Pooh as a “sequel” to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but I’m not fully sure how I feel about those two.

      Oh yeah, thankfully those direct-to-DVD sequels are done with!

  7. I hate that they have shoved this movie down everyone’s throats. I loved it, but come on! Enough is enough.

    I have the same feelings about Toy Story 4. They ended the third so perfectly… how can the make a fourth?

  8. I’m excited! I think with 2 lead characters they have more to go with story than a single story like an Ariel, Rapunzel or other movie. They’ve done some really cool things with the world’s on Once Upon a Time this season and I liked Frozen Fever so all signs look good to me. I think there’s more stories in the world and Lasseter always says sequels depend on the idea. That’s why they waited so long for Incredibles 2. Just couldn’t come up with the right story idea. Anyway, people love to dog on things that are popular but I loved Frozen so hope it will be good. A lot of movies in schedule for Disney/Pixar!

  9. I’ll be glad to see a sequel to Frozen as long as it feels like a natural continuation of the story. Something like Tangled has very little room for a sequel (besides the wedding, which was depicted in Tangled Ever After), but a sequel to Frozen could allow further development of Elsa’s relationship with Anna and other characters, Elsa’s status as a magical queen and relationship with her subjects, more knowledge about her powers – plus Hans and Weselton are still out there. There’s a fanfiction called “Trials of Elsa” which takes place after the film and plays out like a good sequel.

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