‘Zootopia’ Teaser Debuts!


I’m super excited!!!! The teaser trailer for the upcoming 2016 animated Disney film, Zootopia, has been released!

What do you all think of it? I’m just so excited to finally see something about this movie. I’m more excited about this than I am about Moana! I’ve always enjoyed anthropomorphic animals and this film is supposed to be a bit of a mystery/whodunnity/crime case sort of a film, which is something I also love! So far, Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin are the only announced voice actors.

13 thoughts on “‘Zootopia’ Teaser Debuts!”

  1. I’m excited too. I think it looks really fun. My only worries is that they try too hard to make it hip and cool. If it does it could veer into Chicken Little territory but I have faith in them. I think it will be great! I love the voice talent.

      1. Hope so. I just saw it with the fly joke, tranquilizer joke. Things like that could veer into the trying to be ‘cool and hip’ but hopefully not. Hopefully it will be like their recent movies with just enough comic relief thrown in.
        I’m really excited about it and the mystery element feels very new. Should be cool.

  2. I thought it looked really good, I’m way excited about it! The designs look very nice, and I’m very intrigued by the “mystery/whodunnity/crime”, I think it’ll be really cool., and funny. And I adore Jason Bateman (having recently finished Arrested Development). Can’t wait for march! *fingers crossed that it will premiere here around the same time*

  3. Looks like it has potential to be really, really good. It seems like Disney is trying to break away from its usual fare – which doesn’t end always good, but in this case it might work. I liked the way actress Ginnifer Goodwin described her character: sweet and kind, but not dumb. She said people often confuse kindness with stupidity, and I agree.

  4. I know I am 4 days late, but WOW I am impressed. It is good how they actually EXPLAIN how their world works, so there is no confusion about it. There is a lot of potential with this one.

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