12 thoughts on “New ‘Zootopia’ Trailer!”

  1. Honestly not a fan. I’m just feeling like this movie is going to take a joke and then pound it into the ground till I’m sick of it. I didnt really like the joke and I’m still getting Chicken Little vibes…

    1. I feel it’ll be much better than Chicken Little because of the mystery/whodunit/buddy cop theme to it, but that’s just me. We haven’t really had a mystery Disney film besides The Great Mouse Detective and that’s not a mystery since we already know who the villain is.

      Well, I guess you could call Big Hero 6 somewhat of a mystery.

      1. True. Good point on mystery. It’s more the character design and type of humor that smacks of Chicken Little

  2. Yeah, I get that the joke is that it’s supposed to be slow but it went on for way too long. I totally agree with Rachel about them pounding it into the ground and I hope the rest of the movie isn’t like that. It was funny for like the first 20 seconds, not 2 1/2 minutes. But hopefully the mystery aspect you named can save it!

  3. I’m not on board with Rachel’s or Becky’s attitude toward this trailer as I found it hilarious and this is coming from someone who found a lot of the Baymax letting out air jokes to be drawn out and not very funny at all.

      1. See I did find it funny… but after about a minute I didn’t anymore because I guess I felt like I “got” the joke. But there was even a point where I laughed out loud! So I’m still hopeful. But dragged out jokes drive me a little crazy (Family Guy has this problem lol).

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