Plot-based ‘Zootopia’ Trailer Released!

We finally have a full-length, plot-based trailer for Disney’s upcoming film, Zootopia! And I, for one am just loving it! Every new thing I see of this movie, I get more and more excited for! The only thing I wasn’t too fond of was the naturalist club joke in the film as I know I won’t be able to watch this film with certain people who would find that inappropriate. What do you think of this trailer?

6 thoughts on “Plot-based ‘Zootopia’ Trailer Released!”

  1. I absouletly loved this trailer! It definitely was an improvement over the last one which I personally thought was terrible. i am really excited for this film and hopefully it will be another good addition to the Disney Revival era.

  2. I haven’t been sold on Zootopia until this trailer. The Godfather joke especially was hilarious. I am surprised to see Judy Hops is the main character. I thought it would be the fox. That is really cool and the narrative of her trying to prove her value on the police force looks good. I was glad to see it isn’t all jokes but also moments of tears and heart. Now I am genuinely looking forward to this film.

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