‘Moana’ Podcast!

Since it’ll be a while until I post my review of Disney’s latest film, Moana, you can find out what I thought of the film in this video podcast I did w/Rachel Wagner from 54disneyreviews.com. Let me know in the comments what you think!

11 thoughts on “‘Moana’ Podcast!”

  1. A good discussion! I probably liked The Princess and the Frog more than you guys did. 🙂 But I respect your opinion. I enjoyed Moana this weekend. While Frozen has the edge as far as music is concerned, I loved the songs in Moana.

    1. Thanks for listening!

      Yeah, many people like TPATF; it just doesn’t cut it for us.

      I actually love Moana’s songs more than Frozen’s, although it did take me a while to get into Moana’s music at first.

      What was your fave song from Moana?

  2. 2009- Princess and the Frog (Agree) Meh
    2010- Tangled- Yea (I really like it)
    2011- Winnie the Pooh (I actually haven’t seen it yet, even though I own it lol)
    2012- Wreck-it Ralph (Agree) Meh just saw it recently and thought it was okay; I don’t think it is deserving of a sequel lol.
    2013- Frozen- Nay (I don’t think it is the worst Disney movie, but I just really don’t like it)
    2014- Big Hero 6- Yea (I really like it)
    2016- Zootopia- Mix of Meh and Yea (I can’t remember much about it, except that I kind of liked it
    2016- Moana- Yeaaaa loved it lol
    I really need to watch The Lego Movie. I keep hearing good things about it lol
    I agree I haven’t loved any of the revival lol
    And her rebellious reminded me of Ariel so much! I kept thinking Ariel, Ariel, Ariel the entire time lol And, it’s funny because John Musker and Ron Clements both worked on this film and The Little Mermaid lol.
    The one thing I disagree about is that Maui did have a reason to come back. 1) He was really close with Moana. I know that they don’t expand as much as they should’ve on it, but you could tell that they had gotten close And 2) the reason he was doing it so he could be a hero. If he would’ve ran away, then he would not be a hero lol
    Also, I’m glad that they are thinking about doing 2D again than. I’m actually glad that they did Moana as 3D. I think this movie works better for it and it was beautiful. But, I do hope they do a 2D movie again.
    The Tooth Fairy isn’t Disney (it’s 20th Century Fox) but The Game Plan (with the Rock) is Disney lol
    Also, who is Mary Sue lol????
    I thought the moral was similar to the other Disney movies, especially the Renaissance as in to follow your heart. Moana follows her heart and goes to the ocean like she wants, and saves the world lol.
    The only 2017 movies I look forward to are the Lego Batman movie maybe, and possibly Coco (even though we don’t know anything about it).
    And, yes parents complain way too much lol

  3. Well, I loved it! Don’t know if I like it as much as Zootopia, but I did enjoy it much more than Frozen, and debatably Tangled.

      1. However, am I the only one who thinks that Maui’s character design is a little derivative of Wreck-It Ralph’s?

  4. Sorry I missed this! Thanks for sharing it and joining me on the podcast especially with those technological difficulties we had

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