89th Academy Awards Nominations Announced!


Well, the nominations for the 89th Academy Awards have been announced today. And as usual, I’ll list the animated film categories below. If you want to see a list of all the categories and their nominations, then click here.


-Kubo and the Two Strings


-My Life as a Zucchini

-The Red Turtle



-Blind Vaysha

-Borrowed Time

-Pear Cider and Cigarettes



Other related nominations include:

-My Life, Animated (Best Documentary Feature)

-Can’t Stop the Feeling-Trolls (Best Original Song)

-How Far I’ll Go-Moana (Best Original Song)

-The Jungle Book (Best Visual Effects)

-Kubo and the Two Strings (Best Visual Effects)

I’ll post my Oscar winner predictions in the coming weeks, but for now which films do you think will win? Which do you want to win? What do you think of the nominations, in general? Let me know in the comments below!

18 thoughts on “89th Academy Awards Nominations Announced!”

  1. Are you shocked? I woke up NOT BELIEVING what I saw. One of the most unpredictable and earth shattering set of nominations ever.

    A stop motion film will ALWAYS be nominated, and Disney will always get as many spots as they can. And then you have to add a few indies. And then we will all be shocked to the bone when Zootopia wins.

    As you can clearly see, I am a bit in my feelings.

    1. I’m really not shocked at anything this year (maybe besides 13 Hours and Suicide Squad getting nominated); the nominations seem to have matched predictions that other film awards and critics have been clamoring about. I really found these nominations to be peacefully predictable.

      Which are you shocked about, in particular?

      1. I am going to sound so bitter, but here it is. I am sick of every stop-motion film being nominated just because it is stop-motion (Kubo actually deserved the nom this year), it is clear that the Oscars kiss up to Disney, while they hate almost every non-Toy Story Pixar sequel, and I am just tired of the hype of La La Land mostly (which was pretty much created to be oscar bait in general). The entire system for the last few years have annoyed me.

      2. Oh ok, I mean the only stop-motion animated film from LAIKA that I didn’t think should have gotten nominated was The Boxtrolls; I was fine with everyone else getting nominated.

        I also don’t believe Monsters Univ. or Finding Dory were quality enough to be nominated either which is why I’m glad they weren’t.

        Have you seen La La Land yet?

      3. Not yet. I know I should give it a chance (I will eventually), but all of the hype, and the way they systematically limited the release of it until the Globe noms really rubbed me the wrong way.

        I was mostly referring to The Box Trolls, and somewhat to a lesser extent, Shaun the Sheep. I’m over my saltiness regarding the awards now. Just needed a few hours to decompress from how people were acting.

      4. Yeah, I deff believe that Shaun the Sheep was a fantastic film that deserved being nominated, so that’s just me.

        I guess I don’t get angry at things like this. At least, this year I didn’t feel there were any shockers. Surprises, yes, but not shockers.

  2. I’m curious to see whether they’ll choose Zootopia or Moana for Best Animated Feature, assuming they follow their usual pattern and choose a Disney movie. I prefer Moana to win mainly because of the beautiful animation, but with Zootopia’s deeper storyline I feel it could go either way.

  3. I want “the Red Turtle” to win the Best Animation Award, but have you seen Shinkai’s “Your Name”? I think it should have been nominated and won the Best Animation Award.

    1. I haven’t seen either of those films yet, but have only heard good things about both of them. I know many people were a bit surprised that ‘Your Name’ didn’t get a nomination. I feel had it gotten a Golden Globe nom instead of the Zucchini film, they would have nominated it for an Oscar rather than the Zucchini film.

      1. I think it’s criminal Your Name is left out, it is an amazingly well-made movie. Better than Zootopia by a wide margin in my opinion. It is especially frustrating to see Your Name left out because Shinkai is frankly the competitor of Miyazaki and the Academy just loves the well-known Miyazaki. Here, was the Academy’s chance to diversify its general opinion, and bring attention to a gorgeous animation outside of the Studio Ghibli monopoly.

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