Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #54: The General

Seeing as there will be no Disney Canon film released this year, I think it’s a good idea for me to catch up on the Forgotten/Minor Characters posts for the Disney Canon films that I haven’t done yet. Today, we take a look at the 2014 film, Big Hero 6. I won’t go over the plot or my thoughts of the film here as I’ve done that already, so let’s go straight into the forgotten/minor character for this film: the General.

When Hiro and his superhero friends explore a small island where they think the masked man is, they find it to have an abandoned scientific facility on it. After watching some recorded camera footage, they realize that a teleportation experiment was conducted there by the entrepreneur, Alistair Krei. The experiment’s purpose was to teleport a human being from one place to another with Professor Callaghan’s daughter, Abigail, being said human being. There are also a few big figures there witnessing the experiment including an army general. Unfortunately, the experiment fails with Abigail being lost in the teleportation realm or possibly dead (which is the catalyst for Professor Callaghan hating Alistair Krei). Before any more damage can be done, the general orders that the machine and experiment be shut down.

And that’s the last we see of the general. As you can imagine, this experiment is never publicized, so does the general never mention this event ever in his life?

“Island? What island? I never ever stepped foot on an island before!”

Or does he relay this event to his superiors and is told to keep his mouth shut afterwards since a human life has probably been lost? If so, does this event haunt the general or does it not bother him in the slightest?

“Oh, that poor girl…”

I would think that if I were witness to a science experiment that may have resulted in the death of a human, I would be greatly affected by it. So the question is, what happened to the general? We may never know the answer which is why we recognize him today as the forgotten/minor character of this film.

“I guess it’s time I wrote those memoirs that I’ve been putting off for so long now!”

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