WWTBAM-Animation Edition Season 3 Results

Well, Season 3 of my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition games has officially ended! Nobody got to the million this year, so the winner is the person with the highest total score from both rounds. I want to thank all of the contestants who appeared this season as well as to all of you who have been watching these videos! I had a great time making and hosting these games like usual and hope to do a Season 4 next year! Here are the final results of this season:

Eli Sanza [96,000 pts]

Wes Troop [52,000 pts]

AJ Howell [33,000 pts]

Becky Ginther [11,000 pts]

BlackCriticGuy [1,000 pts; He was unable to return for Round 2.]

Kajsa Forden [1,000 pts]

Milan Harrison [1,000 pts]

Stanford Clark [1,000 pts]

Sean Nasuti [1,000 pts]

Amanda Sorrento [1,000 pts]

2 thoughts on “WWTBAM-Animation Edition Season 3 Results”

  1. Congrats to everyone involved. And I have thought about it…still won’t feel comfortable with showing myself, but if you need a second expert for the fourth season, feel free to send me a bunch of questions. I promise that I’ll answer them honestly without looking any information up.

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