My Thoughts: FROZEN II (2019)

We all know that Frozen II was a cash cow. The story of Frozen was not begging to be continued via a sequel, but the successful box office and craze that it spawned pretty much made a sequel obligatory. With that in mind, does that make Frozen II bad? Here are my thoughts.

Mild spoilers ahead!

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WWTBAM-Animation Edition S6E1: Two Trivia Masterminds! w/Tommy T (The Dis Quiz)

Season 6 of WWTBAM-Animation Edition debuts and just like always, 10 contestants will try their hand at answering animation-related questions with the hopes of getting to the million-point question! Our first contestant is the The Dis Quiz host himself, Tommy T. How far does he go? Watch to find out!

The Dis Quiz YouTube Channel: The Dis Quiz

The Dis Quiz Social Media: @thedisquiz

The Movie Guy and Friends:

‘WWTBAM-Animation Edition’ Season 6 Contestants Roster

It’s time again for one of my favorite things on this blog: a new season of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition! Season 6 is set to commence in a week or two, so keep an eye out for the forthcoming games!

The expert this season will be film blogger, animation lover, and Season 5 winner, Andrew Garrison, from the blog, The Movie Guy and Friends!

This season’s contestants are listed below alphabetically by first name:

  1. Ameer Matani (MovieMation)
  2. Ben Daniels (Pixel Perfect, @BenDaniels818)
  3. Cali (The Great Disney Movie Ride)
  4. Eli Sanza (Entertainment Junkie Blog@ejunkie2014)
  5. Jen (Up On the Shelf)
  6. Rachel Wagner (Rachel’s Reviews@rachel_reviews)
  7. Sean Nasuti (Rhode Island Movie Corner@Filmfan2013)
  8. Stanford Clark (Movies Past and Present@StanfordClark)
  9. Tommy T (The Dis Quiz, @thedisquiz)
  10. Wes Troop (The A-List Review@WesAlist)

Actor and Comedian, Jerry Stiller, Dies at 92

The actor and comedian, Jerry Stiller, has sadly passed away at the age of 92. Mr. Stiller (1927-2020) performed many roles including appearances on the sitcoms, Seinfeld and The King of Queens. He also was part of a comedy double act with his late wife, Anne Meara, and was the father of actor, Ben Stiller.

In terms of animation, Jerry Stiller provided the voices of Pretty Boy in Teacher’s Pet, Uncle Max in The Lion King 1 1/2,

General X in Foodfight!, and Harvey in Planes: Fire & Rescue.

He shall be missed!

Interview w/’The Willoughbys’ Director, Kris Pearn

I was given the opportunity to view an early screening of the animated Netflix film, The Willoughbys, as well as to interview its director, Kris Pearn. Click here to check out the interview!

My Top 14 Favorite Disney ‘Short Circuit’ Animated Shorts

Disney+ has been trying its best to provide us with original content. One of the best offerings we’ve gotten are a collection of animated shorts in a series entitled, Short Circuit. Similar to Pixar’s Sparkshorts, these are animated shorts pitched by and worked on by employees. The first season  was released in January and I decided I’d list them in order from my least favorite to favorite. Since there are 14 of them, I will do a Top 14 list rather than my usual Top 13. So sit back and enjoy!

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92nd Academy Awards Results!

Well, the (second time in a row) hostless 92nd Academy Awards have come and went! My score this year was the same as last year: 14/24. I sadly didn’t beat my record of 17/24, but one day!

In terms of animation, Toy Story 4 won Best Animated Feature and Hair Love won Best Animated Short.

For a list of the other winners, click here.

My 92nd Academy Awards Predictions!

Once again, it’s time for the Oscars! Below are my predictions for the 92nd Academy Awards! The ones that I think SHOULD win will be in RED, the ones that I think WILL win will be in BLUE, and if they’re both the same, they will be both RED AND BLUE. I have left my picks for Best Animated Feature, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Picture for the end. Let me know your thoughts!

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My Thoughts: UGLYDOLLS (2019)

I know I’m gonna get a lot of backlash for saying this, but I…liked UglyDolls!


Alright, hear me out!

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