Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #48: Rhino’s Owner

bolt rhino's owner

We arrive at Disney’s 48th animated feature, “Bolt”. Released in 2008, the film was a bit of a hit and received much critical praise as well as positive reviews. And according to some people, this film was the start of a new age of Disney animation’s resurgence, a sort of “second Disney Renaissance”, if you will. The animation of this film and the future ones would improve dramatically from what the past films have been as would the quality of the films themselves. And this is a film that I myself quite enjoy! Yet, I have to admit that I consider this movie to be the most FORGETTABLE movie in the Disney Canon!


I still like it, but I really forget much of what happens in this movie after I see it, it’s right up there with “Dinosaur”┬áin terms of “forgettability”! So what’s the story? Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #48: Rhino’s Owner”