“Monsters University” Passes!

Monsters-University banner

Pixar’s 14th animated feature, “Monsters University”, has shown itself to be an A-level movie and has opened at the #1 slot (as all the Pixar films have done) in the United States and Canada over the weekend! The prequel to “Monsters Inc.” earned a monstrous $82 million over the weekend, Pixar’s 2nd biggest opener ever (after “Toy Story 3”)! And to top it all off, the film has been receiving pretty much positive reviews!

Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it? If not, do you plan on seeing it? And if so, when? I personally haven’t seen it yet, but definitely plan to see it when it comes on DVD.

14 thoughts on ““Monsters University” Passes!”

  1. I saw it, and it was brilliant. Deserves all the recognition it’s been getting. Not in my top 5 Pixar films, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good! I just published my review, if you’d like to read (spoilers only in the last paragraph).

  2. This movie made me extremely nostalgic. Nearly every moment had me screaming with joy. But I didn’t because I was in a packed theater. The part that made me excited the most was the “Scary Feet” part. I TOTALLY LOVED IT!!!

  3. I saw it and posted about it (but not a review). I loved it. I was a little reticent about it, since I loved Monsters, Inc. But I like how they shaped the story.

  4. I heard how well this film is doing, and it already made $325 million at the box office in 3 weekends. I am looking foward to it

  5. I think I may watch this movie sometime this week. From the trailers and the reviews I’ve read, It seems to be a pretty good movie! ^_^

  6. Probably one of my favorite recent animated movies! Not the greatest Pixar film, but still very good! Can’t wait for “The Good Dinosaur!”

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