Official “Frozen” Trailer Released

We’ve FINALLY gotten a full-length theatrical trailer for Disney’s upcoming animated film to be added to their canon, “Frozen”. Yes, we had a teaser trailer before, but it didn’t show anything about the plot. So what do you all think about the trailer? And what do you think about the movie now that you’ve seen the trailer?

Personally, I’m not extremely impressed. It seems that much of the film is focusing on the journey taken by the characters Anna and Kristoff more than the actual plot and goings-on in the film. Then again, that’s just how it SEEMS to me.

I also am not sure what to think of Kristen Bell’s voice acting as Anna. And I’m really disappointed that we couldn’t hear Idina Menzel’s voice nor hear her sing one of the many songs in the trailer.

All in all, I’m skeptical about whether this film will be a hit or not. Nevertheless, I will DEFINITELY try to see it!

Note to self: Use Olaf’s “Worth Melting For” line on future wife; maybe she’ll like it.

10 thoughts on “Official “Frozen” Trailer Released”

  1. I am not very impressed with it, and it just has Tangled replication written and smelled all over it, by the way it is advertised, to the distracting modern voices, the over-the-top comic relief, Hans looking like Flynn, and they even use Tangled to advertise it. I have no doubt that it might be the best movie of the year, but it just seems like it is trying to copy the formula of Tangled. I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling that I am not.

  2. I think it looks less like Tangled, and more like Tangled looked in it’s trailers (btw, naturally they advertise on the grounds of Tangled, that’s an old marketing strategy). The thing is that Tangled LOOKED like a dreamworks movie but was actually a perfect blend of CGI and classic Disney. I’m not so sure about this one. But one thing for sure: The other studios didn’t really put up a challenge so far, so if the movie is only halfway decent, it will end up being the best.

  3. I’m cautious about this film. First time that I can ever think of that I’m afraid a Disney animated film will be bad before I ever see it.

    Btw, I was wondering how do you put the badges for StumbleUpon and pinterest shares on your blog?

    1. I’m getting a bit anxious regarding this film too, but I have to keep my hope in Disney!

      Do I have badges for StumbleUpon and pininterest shares on my blog? I didn’t know I had any, much less know how I got them, lol! Where exactly do you see them on my blog?

  4. I had big hopes for this film coming out of Tangled, but like you, I’m very skeptical after the trailer. I’m still hoping for the best (since I tend to find Disney’s “girl” movies better than their “boy” movies)

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