“Frozen” Shows No Sign Of Melting As It Passes The Billion Dollar Mark!

disney frozen

Yep, the beloved film, “Frozen” has accumulated a worldwide gross of over a billion dollars! It’s taken over “The Lion King” as the second highest-grossing animated film ever (not taking inflation into consideration, of course) after “Toy Story 3”. I, for one, didn’t think that this film would cross the billion dollar mark, but I’m glad it did! I feel happy that a film from the official Disney Canon has joined the ranks with the other 17 films that have made over a billion dollars worldwide!

10 thoughts on ““Frozen” Shows No Sign Of Melting As It Passes The Billion Dollar Mark!”

  1. I feel that this film may surpass “Toy Story 3” as the highest-grossing animated film ever, even though I don’t think it really deserves to. (Not that I didn’t like it. I just thought it was OK.)

    1. Yeah, “Toy Story 3” only has a little bit over 60 million dollars on “Frozen” and there are still some countries that haven’t had a “Frozen” release date yet, so it does seem that it’s possible.

  2. I’m torn….I would like to be happy about Disney’s success, but it frustrates me that it happens to such an undeserving movie. Disney did much better ones in the last years…but I guess, that’s what the success is about. It’s not about Frozen. It is about a string of good movies which managed to correct the assumption that Disney can’t do good CGI, and the okay movie which came after and is now reaping what they sow.
    At least this is the only explanation which makes sense to me. That and the lack of rivals last years.

    1. Well, at least it resonated with the majority of audiences (myself included) and hey, it could have been REALLY undeserving (i.e. Despicable Me 2 came pretty close).

  3. I’ve very much enjoyed the recent films that Disney has put out. I adored Frozen and the twist at the end was awesome. I don’t look at it as some would as a feminist (I don’t need no man) perspective, but as a great relationship between sisters. And for once, there’s a main character how is a queen instead of the typical princess, rock on Disney.

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