86th Academy Awards Review


Well, the Academy Awards are over and this year, I correctly predicted 14 winners instead of my usual 9! I feel so happy! The biggest surprise for me was “Mr. Hublot” winning Best Animated Short. I just can’t get over that!

You can see a list of winners here: http://oscar.go.com/nominees

What did you all think of the Oscars and its winners?

11 thoughts on “86th Academy Awards Review”

  1. Overall, I enjoyed it. I loved Pharrell Williams dancing with Lupita, Meryl, and Amy Adams. I was really glad “12 Years a Slave” won.

      1. I actually didn’t make an Oscar ballot this year. I knew Gravity was the favorite to win, but I was hoping 12 Year a Slave would win, so I guessed right there, lol!

      1. Yeah, I did. I was disappointed that we have to wait another week for a review, but he was sick, so it’s not his fault.

        I can understand his feelings towards the “Let It Go” video trend, although I personally am not that fed up with it yet.

      2. Well, I never saw any of those videos, but I was annoyed of them popping up in the YouTube suggestion box, and am tired of my younger sister singing it over and over!
        I’m wonder if Doug has laryngitis again from all that yelling.

  2. I thought Mr. Hublot deserved it. Out of all of them, I thought it had the best animation and the best story. I did not like Feral, Room on the Broom was okay, Possessions I absolutely loved. But Mr. Hublot was my favorite and I’m glad they won.

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