89th Academy Awards Wrap-Up!


Well, everyone’s talking about that ending! For those of you who don’t know, there was a mix-up at the end of the ceremony wherein La La Land was accidentally awarded the Best Picture title, but it was actually supposed to go to Moonlight. They later fixed the mistake, but it was still an amusing, yet embarrassing thing to witness.

Otherwise, the awards weren’t all that bad even with some surprise wins. I didn’t end up beating my score from last year however; I only got 15/24 right this year. But, it’s still my 2nd highest score in guessing the Oscars wins.

Congratulations to Disney and Pixar for winning Best Animated Feature (Zootopia), Best Animated Short (Piper), and Best Visual Effects (The Jungle Book). For a list of all the Oscars winners, click here.

7 thoughts on “89th Academy Awards Wrap-Up!”

  1. The only award I was sure about was Viola Davis’. I watch ‘How to get away with Murder’ and many of her movies and she is a great actress a coup sur. Now having said that, I think that this year’s award was a response of the discrimination the academy was accused of last year. Mahershala Ali won and I’m happy but I feel like it was a delayed recognition as he is an amazing actor in House of Cards and other roles he has played. Many awards were delayed recognition in my humble and fair opinion. They probably thought, ‘Wait a minute, there is a little truth to the fact that we haven’t been a little more diverse in giving those awards.’ But hey that’s my little grain of salt 😉 …

  2. Congratulations, I am so happy to have tracked you down as a nominee by papatia of my Blog-aholic Award.
    Congratulations and well done.
    Now I am able to also follow you and see what you have to share.
    Happy Blogging Blog-aholic

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