Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #38: The Owner of the Toys

fantasia 2000 toy owner

Well, we’ve left the glorious age of the Disney Renaissance

It's ok! You may cry!
It’s ok! You may cry!

and are now in what I like to call, “The…Post-Disney Renaissance/Modern Age”. During this era, the animated Disney features would stop being nigh unanimous critical and commercial hits and would be like they were in the ’70s-’80s, i.e. some would be hits and others wouldn’t.

And today’s film not only showcases its post-Disney Renaissance quality, but also brings us back to the format of package films! Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #38: The Owner of the Toys”

Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #11: Mr. Winky


Yes! We’re finally at Disney’s last package film and probably my personal favorite amongst them! Applause, people, applause!


Released in 1949, we have Disney’s 11th feature, “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”! The film is similar to “Fun and Fancy Free” in the fact that it only consists of 2 segments: “The Wind and the Willows” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #11: Mr. Winky”

Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #10: The Ocean Buoys


Firstly, I want to apologize for not being as active on the blog as I used to be. I had final exams in college; but now they are done! So, I plan to spend more time on this blog working on this project and some other projects that I plan to do. So for now, let’s continue down our Forgotten/Minor Characters Project.

Next up is Disney’s 10th animated feature and 5th package film, “Melody Time”. Released in 1948, “Melody Time” is basically the exact same thing as “Make Mine Music” except with different shorts; so I won’t get into much detail explaining what it is. Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #10: The Ocean Buoys”

Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #9: The Yawning Trees


When I started this project, I mentioned that the characters that I’d choose would be major, but forgotten; or minor and unmemorable; or just in the background and caught my attention. Today’s entry is mostly of the latter category. Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #9: The Yawning Trees”

Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #8: Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet

Next up is Disney’s 8th feature and 3rd package film, “Make Mine Music”. Released in 1946, the film is somewhat like “Fantasia” in that it’s a collection of unrelated shorts set to music. This time, most of the music is actually lyrical and popular (for the time, at least). And like I’ve said before, I actually prefer this film over “Fantasia”.

ANYWAY, this film is composed of 10 segments in its entirety. Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #8: Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet”

Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #7: Burrito, the Flying Donkey

Wow, first Pinocchio’s talking donkeys and now a flying one! What’s with donkeys being portrayed with impossible characteristics in Disney movies? And why are they somewhat forgotten? Oh, well! Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #7: Burrito, the Flying Donkey”

Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #6: Mt. Aconcagua

We now arrive at Disney’s 6th animated feature-length film, “Saludos Amigos.” And when I say feature-length, I mean it BARELY makes it with a runtime of 42 minutes! (A feature-length film by definition is 40 minutes.) Heck, even when I say animated, I don’t mean fully animated, because this film has a good amount of live-action in it!

Released in 1942, this is the first of 6 consecutive animated Disney films that will be known as his “package films”. Package films, or anthology films, are movies that are just a bunch of shorts, unrelated mostly, put together to make a movie. Arguably, “Fantasia” and its sequel can be considered package films as well as the “Winnie the Pooh” films, but generally the term is used to refer to these 6 films during the ’40s. There were a number of reasons why Walt had to make these package films instead of a usual story-driven coherent film. Some include that these were inexpensive to make and hopefully would cause the studio to regain their money from previous flops; these films were made during WWII and many of his animation studio were drafted; and that the American government wanted Walt and other animation companies to focus on making nationalistic cartoons rather than waste time and money on films. Whatever the main reason, let’s talk about our first package film, “Saludos Amigos.” Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #6: Mt. Aconcagua”